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Strategic Investment Consulting works with business owners of small to medium size businesses to help them grow their business, move with confidence, and make quicker decisions. We help our clients strengthen the five pillars of their business (People, Plan, Process, Product and Profit), providing them with a firm foundation on which their organization can grow.

By working alongside business owners we help them focus on their passion, priorities and a business plan so that their future becomes clear. By placing the right people within the right positions we help them create leverage, thereby allowing the owner to concentrate on the core principles of the business. By creating consistent process, we help the owner focus on the ways to improve their business and create new products, thereby allowing their team to handle the routine matters. By working with every aspect, we help the organization run like a well oiled machine allowing for consistent measurable results to increase profits.

These services are delivered through our innovative Business Advisory Program. The innovative Business Advisory Program is a customized process designed for your organization that involves regularly scheduled meetings, mastermind sessions and accountability. This process allows us to focus on the areas that are most important to you while ensuring that we are making progress toward your goals.

Business Consulting Services

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Do you have the right people on your team in the right positions? Are your employees working toward your mission and goals? Will they grow with your business, or will they leave the business after a short time? Do you have effective tools for managing employee performance, rewarding high performers and eliminating poor performers?

A people plan gives you people who you, and your clients, can count on.




What is the plan for your organization’s future? What strategy should you employ to achieve that plan? Are your goals and objectives aligned with your plan and purpose? Will you be satisfied once you achieve business success? How well is your staff aligned to your plan and strategy?

A clear purpose driven plan enables you to lead your business, not allow your business to lead you.




Once you find an effective process, how do you reproduce it for the long-term? What performance data should you regularly check in each area of your business (i.e., financial, sales, quality, employee morale, etc.)? What measures exist to ensure your business success and effectiveness? Who is looking at this data?

Now that your business is growing, how do you make sure that your team members are delivering the same value that you do? How consistent are your outcomes?

With performance measures in place we can help you make changes in your process and see the results improve.

Consistent processes lead to predictable results.




Does your organization have a product (or service) that fills a needed demand? Do customers see the value of your product and are they willing to pay a fair price for your products or services? Are you and your team passionate about the products being offered by your organization?


Does your organization have the right product mix within your product portfolio?

Effective product portfolios yield effective results and fill the needs and demands of customers.




The number one way society measures a businesses success is through the amount of profits that business generates. It is critical to know your financial numbers and as the owner or executive, you need to be comfortable reading and interpreting these financial numbers.


Understanding what numbers to look at and to make immediate changes in your organization’s processes directly affects the profits you are generating. This is critical to organizational success.

Positive results lead to positive profits.

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