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The success of any organization hinges on having a clear understanding of where they have come from and where they would like to go. Very much like driving a car, you have a rear-view mirror to see where you have been, and you have a front windshield to see where you are currently going. You do not want to be occupied by the rear-view mirror or you will miss what is in front of you. At Strategic Investment Consulting we help organizations tackle complex strategic challenges in developing a plan for their future. We assist the organizational leaders in formulating their organization's vision and objectives. We help the organization define their strategies to achieve a realistic future goal, creating a sense of ownership and momentum to implement them. We emphasize the development of "actionable strategy" and frequently assist leadership teams and boards of directors in building performance measurements that keep their strategies on track to maintain visibility and focus.

Strategic Management

Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning and Implementation

Strategic Investment Consulting will help your organization by launching new approaches or revitalizing old ideas. Our proven methodology for strategic planning helps leaders ask the right questions and engage each other constructively. We believe that management teams should own their strategic management processes. Through planning sessions in a workshop type environment, we will encourage collective ownership, working to find the right strategy together and implementable solutions. Beyond planning, strategic management proactively ties together long-term planning, financial planning and modeling (budgets and forecasts), as well as individual accountabilities to develop a winning agenda.

What are performance

What are performance measurements?

Performance measurements let you know whether your organization is on track to achieve its strategic goals and accomplish your organization’s objectives. This information allows the business owner to build reports and share those reports across their organization, allowing the organization to stay on track.

Typically, good performance measurements are relevant, reliable, understandable, timely, comparable, and cost effective. They cover a wide variety of criteria, such as:

  • Financial measurements

  • Customer measurements

  • Process measurements

  • People measurements

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